About Us

Awards and recognition are great but our true reward is what we help our students to achieve.

Starting in a small studio with less than a dozen students, founders Linda and Steve Scott steadily built their business and martials arts programs for long term success. Outgrowing their original location, they moved Monroe County Martial Arts (MCMA) to its present location in Williamsburg Village, just north of Bloomington's College Mall. Now with more than 25 years under their belts and hundreds of "graduates" MCMA is ready to train adults and children in the martial arts.

MCMA has been featured locally on radio, television, and in newspapers. Black Belt magazine named MCMA "School of the Month" in recognition of the school's achievements. In addition, many of MCMA's students and instructors have been recognized at the state and national level for their excellence in martial arts.

The Founding Instructors

Steve Scott began his martial arts training in Hawaii in 1973, eventually earning his black belt in Tae Kwon Do from Grand Master Duke Lee in 1978.  He currently holds the rank of 6th degree black belt in tae kwon do.  He was awarded his black belt in Hapkido in 1986, and his black belt in Modern Arnis under Grand Master Remy Presas in 1995.  Mr. Scott has taught martial arts for several schools and clubs during his many years as a Bloomington resident.  He also taught Tae Kwon Do and close combat tactics when he was an infantry officer in the Marine Corps.  In addition to his role as chief instructor at Monroe County Martial Arts, Mr. Scott oversees martial arts programs at the Monroe County YMCA and the Banneker Community Center.  Mr. Scott incorporates a unique sense of humor in his teaching.  He believes in traditional values of respect, discipline, and hard work, but he also stresses that martial arts should be fun.


Linda Scott started training in Tae Kwon Do in 1987 and currently holds the rank of fifth degree black belt.  She has a Master of Science degree in Education from Indiana University and has taught middle school in Bloomington since 1984.  In addition to her role as business manager of MCMA, Mrs. Scott has competed extensively at the local, state, and national level.  In 1993, she was ranked 3rd in the nation in forms by the North American Sport Karate Association.

The Scotts were married in their karate uniforms and cut the cake with a samurai sword.  They opened Monroe County Martial Arts in November of 1991.  They have an adopted son, MCMA black belt Patrick Jessee.